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VOL. 59 DECEMBER. 2012 No. 12 

"And we have seen and do testifj' that the Father sent the Son to be the 
Saviour of the world." (I John 4:14) 


They borlrowed a manger of hay for His head: 

Jesus, my Saviour. 
No soft downy pillow, no warm cradle bed 

For Jesus, my Lord. 

They borrowed a colt—lowly beast for a King: 
j Jesus, my Saviour. 

No court gave Him honor, no carillons sing 
For Jesus, my Lord. 

I He borrowed a room for a Passover feast: 

• Jesus, my Saviour. 

Becoming both Servant and Heavenly Priest, 
This Jesus, my Lord. 

They borrowed a tomb for the Crucified One: 
, Jesus, my Saviour. 

I No monument royal for God's only Son, 

• For Jesus, My Lord. 



; His were the planets and stars in the sky; 

His were the valleys and mountains so high; 

• His—all earth's riches from pole unto pole, 
But He became poor to ransom my soul. 


THE PILGRIM is a religious magazine published in the interests of the members of the Old 
Bretliren Church. Subscription rate: $7.50 per year. Sample copies sent free on request. 
Publisliing editor: Leslie Cover 
Address: THE PILGRIM, 19201 Cherokee Road, Tuolumne, CA 95379 


An exhausted young woman recently pulled herself painfully 
over the granite corner of the top of Half Dome in Yosemite 
National Park. She had just completed in tens days a solo climb 
up the sheer face of the rock that towers over 2,000 feet above 
the base. She had lost nine pounds; her hair was matted; and 
her face was lined from the intense effort and concentration as 
she focused all her energy and skill on inching safely up without 
a fatal fall. It was several days before her face would relax 
enough to smile! Why all this effort and risk? And why do we 
describe it here? She was successflil; she didn't fall. But what 
did she really have to show for it? Only exhaustion, raw 
fingers, tattered garments and a miserable ten days of rain, 
snow, and work. The report of her climb told nothing about 
God's will or His helping her. To accomplish this feat by 
herself seemed of top value. Even her husband waited below 
and then hiked around the backside of the dome to meet her at 
the top. 

We see by faith another young woman, no doubt exhausted 
also from the labor of bringing a Son into the world. This 
young woman is not alone; her husband is by her side, and God 
is near, supporting her and giving her calm assurance that her 
labor is not in vain. She is an instrument in God's hands as He 
brings salvation and peace into the world-available for all men. 
For this is Mary, "the handmaid of the Lord." She too has 
"climbed a mountain." Her Son is born and "is set for the fall 
and rising again of many in Israel. . ." Mary has experienced the 
universal pronouncement of God upon disobedient Eve, and on 
all mothers, when He said, "I will greatly multiply thy sorrow 
and thy conception; in sorrow (pain) thou shalt bring forth 


children." But what a reward! What worthwhile effort! What 
joy to know that the Saviour is born! 

These two young women could symbolize the choice we 
have in life. If we choose to do a solo-without God, without 
help from our fellowmen~it will be a hard climb. The mountain 
(this world) is cold, sapping the strength and warmth. It is 
steep and sheer, defying progress and allowing the ascent only 
with concentration, study, and skill, and the enabling grace of 
God. At the end of the solo climb, what is there for reward? A 
solo life is a wasted life. It is pride that makes us want to travel 
alone. When we admit we need help, it humbles us. 

One of the names given to the newborn Jesus was 
Emmanuel meaning "God with us." God is in our company. 
God is alongside of us. Wondrous grace, that He was born to 
be our Saviour, and that we need never walk, or climb, or live 

Walk alone? Why should I be alone 
When Jesus offers to be by my side? 
Brave the storms of life alone? 
When God's own Word affords a faithful guide? 
No, we have our good Emmanuel, 
God with us~oh glorious, happy thought; 
He will be our constant shield 
Till all the battles of this life are fought. 
May we never walk alone in self and pride, 
For that way saps our strength and leaves us cold; 
Jesus says He'll always be there by our side 
Even though our steps grow short, our faces old. 
Jesus, still be near and bear these heavy burdens 
Till at last we reach the bUssflil home. 
There we'll sing our Saviour's praise forever. 
May Thy glorious, everlasting kingdom come! —L.C. 

(Reprinted and revised from The Pilgrim Dec. 1984) 



It had been a night the like of which Joseph had never 
dreamed could occur. Away from their home, their friends, and 
all familiar surroundings, his wife had given birth to a son in a 
hillside cave ordinarily used to shelter animals in the little town 
of Bethlehem. 

As Joseph looked at Mary, asleep now, he cried. He should 
have been able to provide something better for her tonight. 
This precious woman who was "highly favored" and "blessed 
among womankind" had been entrusted to his care. But the 
best he had been able to do tonight was a cave, a tiny cleared 
area, and a bed of straw. "I should have been able to do more 
for her," he whispered. 

The he looked at the baby. So tiny. So helpless. So 
dependent on Mary and him. But how could it be! This was 
God's own Son, not his. This baby was the God of creation, of 
Abraham, of Moses. He was the God of Joseph and Mary. 
How could He be lying beside Mary now? 

Then, on the verge of weeping aloud and waking both 
mother and baby, the thought came to the devout man that his 
self-pity was born of pride rather than holiness. No angel had 
come to him tonight to say that he had done too little. No 
dream. No word of divine rebuke. 

What has Israel's God ever required of any father? Only 
that he do what is within his power. And Joseph had done that. 
He had obeyed Caesar in traveling to Bethlehem. He had 
protected Mary as best he could from the journey. He had 
provided the only shelter that was available to them in the home 
city of his fathers. Was it now his duty to feel guilty that he had 
not been able to do more? 


Perhaps Joseph sensed at that moment what other fathers 
need to realize: God is served when we do the best we can for 
our children, in love. 

Many fathers feel guilty that they are unable to do more for 
their families. Not enough money for a nice house. Furniture 
that needs to be replaced. Things always breaking down. Then 
there is the guih over bad decisions. Over the inability to guide 
a troubled child. Over having to watch a child agonize to find 
his or her own way in life. 

A caring, loving father served God's Son at Bethlehem in 
the only way he could. The Father of us all asks of us only 
what He asked of Joseph on that holy day. 

Rubel Shelly in Pulpit Helps, December, 1997 


His star, which wise men did behold, 
The sign of Jesus' birth. 
Was guide to them, with myrrh and gold 
And jewels of great worth; 
Their offering for the infant King, 
Was brought by them from far; 
A tribute, too, of heart they bring. 
And bowed before the Star. 

His Star, declared the ancient Seer, 

Shall Israel's scepter sway; 

The people shall to Him draw near, 

And Jacob's God obey; 

His vision was for many days, 

But Christ removed the bar; 

When holy angels sang His praise. 

And shepherds viewed the Star. 


His Star— and all the stars are His, 

The firmament around; 

All that has been, which was and is. 

His praise and glory sound; 

For all the stars which we behold. 

Like human creatures are; 

Who, like them, shall be crowned with gold, 

Who own Him as their Star. 

His Star—a fadeless rainbow bright. 

Eternity its span; 

The sun and moon and stars of light. 

All bow unto His plan; 

And when once more as Lord of day 

He brings His saints from far; 

The heavenly hosts, in bright array. 

Shall crown Him as their Star. 

His Star still shines, undimmed by years, 
His cross is still life's token; 
And as His second coming nears. 
His Word remains unbroken; 
His Star arose on Calvary, 
He bore earth's deepest scar; 
And for all ages He shall be 
The bright and Morning Star! 

David Mohler 


God saw he was getting tired 

And a cure was not to be, 

So He put His arm around him 

And whispered, "Come with Me." -Selected 



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Jeremy Cable Apr 1 0, 20 11 
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Helyn Cover Jan 29, 2012 
Allison Cover Jan 29 
James Miller Mar 16 
Marvin Stalter May 6 
Calah Walker Dec 2 


Twin Oaks Old Brethren - Indiana 

Stephen Beer>' Ordained to the Eldership May 25 

Shane Oberholzer Ordained to the Eldership May25 

Tim Yoder Ordained to the Eldership May 25 


Jeremy Thad Beery Decl 3 , 20 1 1 

Herman Samuel Miller Jan 23, 2012 

Jedd Stephen Royer Feb 20 

Colette Dannelle Stump Apr 22 

Kadence Brynn Martin May 5 

Danielle Jade Flora May 17 

Azure Makenzie Martin May 19 

Shandra Gwen Myers Jun 2 1 
Shannon Thomas Krieder Jun 25 

Elsie Jewel Huffman Jul 25 

Eliza Faye Hiltj- Jul 26 

Annika Mae Brubaker Jul 26 

Debra Joy Zimmerman Jul 26 

Blaze Michael Taylor Aug 24 

Denver Nathan Royer Sep 12 

Ginger Melody Martin Oct 16 

Ellis James Walker Oct 16 
Zoanna Eternitj' Elizabeth Root Nov 12 

Kyler Reece Bowser Nov 19 


Preston Cover and Katelyn Golding May 20 

Matthias Royer and Judith Martin Jun 2 

Louis Miller and Melody Royer Sep 22 

Jordan Royer and Sophia Royer Nov 3 


Gayle Kathryn (Miller) Flory Oct 2, 1969 - Dec 3, 201 1 Jan 

Carl C. Beck Jan 4, 1 9 1 9 - Dec 8, 20 1 1 Jan 

Kenneth Raymond Garber Nov 3, 1940 - Jan 6, 2012 Feb 

Lloyd Ivan Flora May 11, 1930 - Jan 12, 2012 Feb 

Harold George Royer Jan 12, 1925 - Jan 12, 2012 Feb 

Ernest Roy Martin Stillborn Jun 19, 2012 Jun/Jul 

Lillie Golden (Brady) Flora Jan 13, 1914 - Oct 28, 2012 Nov 



This article compares death to a ship leaving one shore and 
landing on another. 

We are standing on a shore. A large sailing ship is about to 
pull out. Friends and relatives of ours are standing on the deck, 
waving goodbye, throwing streamers, calling to us, calling our 
names. And we call to them and to each other. "Look, there's 
Grandma. . .there's Uncle Joe. . .there's Uncle Bill." A bell 
sounds, the ship begins to move away. We stand silently for a 
very long time and watch as the ship goes turther and further 
away until, finally, the mast is just a vertical pencil line on the 
distant horizon. Then it too goes down, until we can no longer 
see it. And we sigh, 'Oh, she's gone.' But gone from our sight, 
that's all. For at the very moment we sigh, 'Oh, she's gone.' 
someone cries on another shore and is jumping up and down, 
laughing and yelling and pointing excitedly out to sea saying, 
"Look! She's coming. Look, the ship is coming home! Look! 
There's Grandma. . .there's Uncle Joe. . .there's Uncle Bill." 

Our ship is coming home. The shores of Heaven are close 
for many who have trusted Christ as Saviour of the soul. But 
another shore beckons as well, the shores of the lake of fire. 
Many are rapidly approaching it. Only Christ can stop their 
progress. When the heart is touched, repentance is shown, a 
new course is taken. A new shore is seen. For the redeemed. . 
.we shall meet on that beautifiil shore! 

Selected by Aaron Heinrich 


As we get close to God, there are times of trial and testing. 
We can tell if we are clay or gold by how we respond. If we are 
clay, we become hard; if we are gold, we melt and flow with 
God's purpose. -Selected 



Calah Walker Palestine, Ohio December 2 

May this new soul walk with Jesus all her days. 


WALKER - A son, Ellis James, born October 16 to Jared and 
Yolanda Walker of Waterford, California. 

ROOT - A daughter, Zoanna Eternity Elizabeth, born 
November 12 to Brian and Emily Root of Tuolumne, California. 

BOWSER - A son, Kyler Reece, born November 19 to Andrew 
and Jena Bowser of Harrison, Arkansas 


Jesse Martin - 12300 Riley Road 

Wakarusa, IN 46573 

John and Kelley Brandt - 6220 1 Ash Road 

Wakarusa, IN 46573-9637 


Jeremiah's Prayer 

After buying Hanameel's field and having the records sealed 
and given to Baruch to keep, Jeremiah prayed a special prayer 
to God. The first part of that prayer is to acknowledge 


God's greatness and to adore Him. Let's just read the first three 
verses of his prayer: 

"Ah Lord God! Behold thou has made the heaven and the 
earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is 
nothing too hard for thee: 

"Thou shewest loving kindness unto thousands, and 
recompensest the iniquity of the fathers into the bosom of their 
children after them: the Great, the Mighty God, the Lord of 
hosts, is his name. 

"Great in counsel, and mighty in work: for thine eyes are 
open upon all the ways of the sons of men: to give everyone 
according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings;" 

I think that many times Jeremiah didn't understand why 
God told him to do and say certain things. He probably felt 
complainy sometimes about all the misery he suffered. But in 
these three verses, Jeremiah adores God anyway. He realizes 
God made the heaven, the earth, all living animals, and all 
people. He realizes that nothing is impossible with God. Then 
he gives God the glory and praise. 

He also realizes God is a God of mercy; that He is not only 
kind, but he shows loving kindness to thousands of people. 
God knows about everything He made—the whole earth and 
each person in the earth. He also knows what is best for each 
one of us and how to best help us turn to Him. He knows just 
what to bring into our lives that would be for our good. Often, 
it doesn't seem good to us, like when Dad spanks hard, and it 
hurts so badly, it doesn't seem good to you. But Dad knows it 
is the best way for you to learn to be obedient. And God 
knows what is best to help us older people learn to be obedient 
to Him. Dad disciplines you because he loves you. God 
disciplines His people because He loves them. 

Linda Frick 
Gettysburg, Ohio 



Jesus, Our Friend 

When Jesus was a baby boy, 

He slept up on the hay, 

And then He grew and worked and played 

Each glad and happy day. 

He helped His mother in the home; 
He played like you and me; 
And every day He did obey; 
A happy boy was He. 

When Jesus grew to be a man. 
He made the sick ones well. 
And made folk good and loving by 
The stories that He'd tell. 

Dear Jesus is the children's Friend; y , 

He held them on His knee; 

He took them in His arms and said, 

"Let the children come to Me." 

Elizabeth McE. Shields 
From Praises For Children 

Teddy's Christmas ■ 

Teddy was taking a walk all by himself. It was Christmas 
Day, but Teddy was not so happy as he ought to have been. 

"Uncle John might have given me a train or an airplane 
instead of just shoes," he grumbled. "And an overcoat! Who 
wants an overcoat for Christmas?" 


Teddy kicked unhappily at the little piles of snow that had 
drifted across the sidewalk. He had come away from the house 
because he didn't want Mother and Daddy and Aunt Kate and 
Uncle John to see that he was disappointed. He knew they 
didn't understand that boys would rather have toys than clothes 
for Christmas presents. He supposed they thought a few toys 
were enough. You could get clothes any time of the year, but 
on Christmas— 

"Hello," said a cheerful little voice. 

Teddy looked up. There before him on the sidewalk was a 
small boy shivering. 

"Where's your coat?" asked Teddy. 

"I haven't one," said the boy. 

"What did you get for Christmas?" Teddy went on. 

"Nothing," the boy admitted. '"But you ought to see the 
fine coat and cap I got for my sister, Jane. The mission lady 
gave it to me yesterday when I told her about my sister. And 
was Jane surprised? You should have seen her. " 

Teddy looked at the boy's happy face. Why, he was pleased 
as if he had received something himself "Why didn't the 
mission lady give you some warm clothes?" he asked curiously. 

"Oh, she'd given away all she had for boys. But I don't care. 
I can stand it. It's more flin to surprise other folks, anyway. 
Say, she even gave me some shoes and mittens for the baby. 
And this morning the butcher let my daddy have a big soup 
bone. I'm going now to get some turnips to put in the soup. 
Oh, we'll have a grand Christmas!" 

Teddy stook still and looked after the boy. A grand 
Christmas! Suddenly he was very much ashamed of himself 

"Say, wait," he called. "I got a new overcoat for Christmas, 
and I think my old one will fit you. Do you want to come with 
me and get it?" 

"Thanks," said the boy, his face lighting up. "It does get 



As Teddy hurried the shivering boy toward home, he 
planned in his mind what he would do. There was a suit as well 
as a coat that he was sure Mother would let him give, and some 
toys he didn't care for any more. Perhaps when he told Mother 
about the soup bone and the turnips, she would fix a basket. 

"I'll donate my share of the mince pie," he thought. And as 
he planned all this, he began to feel happier aad happier. He 
thought with pride of his new overcoat and shoes and the new 
toys he knew were coming. 

"I was thinking just about getting, and he was thinking 
about giving," Teddy decided. "That's why he was happier that 
I was, even though he had nothing for himself " 

From Sunbeams, December, 1942 


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